Pedo presentation

Herniation of orbital contents in sinus Diplopia that does not resolve within days The need for surgical access to infraorbital rim.

Make sure your audience can remember your key points by keeping them simple and straightforward—even enumerated. Is my child getting enough fluoride? This is a one year program during which the student intern participates in similar curricular activities as the first year pediatric dentistry residents.

It is based on the body section radiography which uses a mechanism by which the x ray films and the source of the x-ray film move simultaneously in the opposite direction at the same speed.

Pediatric Dentistry (PEDO)

Lighting becomes especially important when computer equipment is involved. Mechanism and Complications of orbital floor fractures. Clinical features of orbital fracture Periorbital tissues Eyelids Ptosis Palpabral fissure Ligaments Medial and lateral canthus Ocular level Intercanthal distance Slide 8: Minimize the amount of walking necessary during your talk, but do stand rather than sit because it commands more authority.

Check pronunciation of ambiguous words beforehand to be certain.

Oral Presentation and Powerpoint

Beware, though, of overusing your body, especially to the point of distraction. To evaluate the fractures in maxilla and mandible To aid in the examination of patients who cannot open their mouth even for few millimeters To examine the areas of cleft lip To measure the change in the size and shape of maxilla and mandible.

Pediatric Dentistry (PEDO)

Often times, problems that arise related to oral habits will correct themselves if stopped in a timely manner. Each resident is required to carry out an investigative project that may be laboratory- clinic- or library-based, depending on the interests of the student.

TMJ, mandible, maxilla, maxillary sinus and the teeth can be seen in a single radiograph. Especially when using an overhead projector, point to the projected image of your slide ideally, use a stick pointer or laser pointer rather than the original source. How long food remains in the mouth also plays a role.

Clinical experience with child patients gives students the opportunity to gain clinical judgement and proficiency while practicing comprehensive dentistry for children. Practice your talk straight through, and as you go jot quick notes to yourself about how to improve it.

Throughout the two-year program, residents will be expected to apply the information gained in the didactic part of the program to the delivery of dental care in the various clinical settings encompassed by the program.


Most of that speech was—as you might Pedo presentation. Choice of implants Autogenous grafts: Rinse the mouth with water and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Some children may need the help of their parents.

This course comprises several seminar series and lectures on a variety of subjects pertinent to advanced pediatric dentistry. The faster you act, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Offer only one major point per illustration. Orbital floor fracture Blow out fracture Pure Impure Blow in fracture Clinical features of orbital fracture: In addition, the following subject matter will be presented:space-maintainers-pedo 1. SPACE MAINTAINERS 2.

SPACE MAINTENANCE IN THE PRIMARY DENTITION Space maintenance can be defined as the provision of an appliance (active or passive)which is concerned only with the control of space loss without taking into consideration measures to supervise the development of dentition.

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Pedo Presentation. Topics: Gingiva, Powerful Presentation Skill Written By Asad Yaqub In almost all the business roles today, presentation skill has become a core competency and an inevitable prerequisite for any reasonable job.

One of the popular fears among. this presentation tells about the various images taken by an occlusal radiographic techniques and also discussed about the orthopanthamogram in simple words- authorSTREAM Presentation PEDO Presentation1 |authorSTREAM.

this presentation tells about the various images taken by an occlusal radiographic techniques and also discussed about the orthopanthamogram in simple words- authorSTREAM Presentation. Sep 11,  · Pairing with your crush, baking soda volcanoes, and more! This is Every School Presentation Ever!

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Pedo presentation
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